About Anime Night

Anime Night Interactive Media Entertainment is a group of people dedicated to reporting on something very near and dear to many people in the social space. We strive to create interesting and funny content for these people to enjoy. We pride ourselves on a sense of community, and hope that our work can bring lovers of Video Games together.

Also, we might talk about anime sometimes.


Anime Night is a company made up of fantastic unpaid staff members who we have somehow convinced to do work for us occasionally when they feel like it. Some of them probably have some sort of skill in the kinds of things we do, but we're not entirely sure what we do so we can't tell.

Conro Norock

Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Reviewer, Giant Robot

The founder and CEO of Conro Corp, Connor "Conro" Norock has somehow produced papers stating ownership of the property containing "Remi's Music Store" on NW 64th St., the location of the Anime Night studio. No one's entirely sure exactly what any of the companies he runs do, but he's managed to keep them afloat while still playing an incredible amount of video games. He is also a robot.

Jerry Brown

Co-Founder, Lead Developer, Website Designer, Reviewer, Multi-Billionaire Superstar

After an unfortunate beheading incident while his father was being knighted, Jerish "Jerry" Brown inherited his father's vast software empire. A brilliant coder in his own right, he decided to cut back a bit after discovering the United States' laws on monopolies. While having downsized operations into only providing support for Conro Corp and its subsidiaries, he still has quite a few billion dollars lying around to spend on anime figurines and conventions.

Evan Trinite

Reviewer, Artist, D.C. Relations, Possible Senator(?)

Evan "FNR" Trinite was approached by Anime Night staff to become the chief correspondent to the United States Capitol. After NW 64th St. was legally declared property of Conro Corp, and not the United States, Evan's orignal position was mainly forgetten, but he still remained a valuable part of the team. He specializes in drawing and sword-having.

David Parizot

Canada Correspondent

The Anime Night Canadian Division has had its share of misfortunes. It has been attacked, burned down, and wiped off the map more times than can be counted. Only one man has survived each time, wearing a giant novelty bear suit as protection. The future of the Canadian offices is not as technicolor bright.

Andrew Rogers

Cash4ads Benefactor, Total Enigma

Andrew "cpancake" Rogers is a man of mystery. His location has been reported multiple different places, his age is uncertain, and just exactly how he was hired is lost to time. It was only logical he was given control of cash4ads, Anime Night's equally mysterious subsidiary.

Jonathan Cusdan

Chief Janitor

His brother thinks he's alright.


Japan Correspondent

Fuuka Yamagishi assisted in saving Japan and the world in 2009 from some form of moon demon. In the time since then she has become well known in the blogosphere and attracted the attention of Anime Night. The universal seperation made no difference, and after extraction she now serves to be the lone person in Japan working for Anime Night.

Samantha Rivas

Editor, Entrapped Woman

Anime Night's official policy to hire anyone who might make the company more efficent was invoked by Remi 06 one day. The thing he needed sped up was a review he didn't feel like writing, and the person was Samantha Rivas, a girl who happened to be the first person 06 saw on the street. She was immediately hired to do 06's job for him. However, when Sam sat down to write, 06 couldn't remember what it was exactly he was supposed to review, but she stuck around anyway. Eventually, it turns out 06 misremembered an episode of Invader Zim as a video game.

Remi 04


Samantha Fortune, better known by her codename Remi 04, was the fourth in the REMI series of mechanical life forms and the first fully functioning Angen. She and Remi 06 were the ones who took over the music store on NW 64th St. and began running Anime Night. Though she outranks Remi 06, she goes along with whatever he says. She spends her free time building and tinkering.

Remi 06


Nathan Sentrell, better known by his codename Remi 06, was the sixth of the REMI line of mechanical life forms and second fully functioning Angen. Despite still working for Conro Corp by running Anime Night out of his music store, he feels a rivalry with his creators and has been building an army underneath the studio. His partner, Remi 04, humors him in his dreams of conquest, because she knows he'll never actually get around to completing them.