About Anime Night

Anime Night Interactive Media Entertainment is an organization dedicated to a conscice, clear message. It comes in many forms, some nameless, some shapeless, but all under one banner. Our own.


Anime Night employs too many employees to list them all at once, but here are some of the important ones.

Conro Norock

The Director

Connor "Conro" Norock helped start the company several years ago, and has taken an extremely hands-on approach to running it. The Director's influence can be felt all over Anime Night's work, which gives it a distinctive and memorable appeal.

Remi 04

Operations Manager, Remi Music

Samantha Fortune, Remi 04, made headlines as the first fully autonomous artificial intelligence, created by The Director, that didn't immediately attempt world domination and total human extinction. She attributes this to her love of music, and that killing everyone didn't seem like a very productive use of her time.

Remi 06

Content Supervisor, Remi Music

Nathan Roquin, Remi 06, also made headlines, when he immediately attempted world domination after activation. After failing miserably, he decided to cut his losses and work with his predeccessor, Remi 04, to run Remi Music. He's still grumpy about it.