Anime Night 2.0

Anime Night 2.0

Well, it's a new year already. 2015! Just thinking about it fills me with a sense of- Oh. Wait, hold on. 06, did you flip over the...

2016! Just thinking about it fills me with a sense of wonder! Wonder as to what the new year will hold for the future. The future, of Anime Night! We're shaking things up, folks! You may have noticed that recently, we've only been posting Andrew's excellent Weekend Nightmares, and the occasional Things That Were Good. Behind the scenes, we've been trying to come up with new, interesting things for you guys.

Truth be told, the reviews didn't work too well! If something is good, it's not funny to read, and if it's bad, people don't want to think about it! Couple that with lax deadlines from someone *cough* CONRO *cough* and we had a real shortage of content! Well, we decided that the weekly format is the best, and we've given every writer their own column! Hopefully, this means more content for you!

Today, we'll be starting off with Jon Goes to the Movies, a riviting tale of how the game industry has no idea how adaptations work. Couple this with a new set of servers, improved behind the scenes website bullshit, and you could say that this is a new era of Anime Night! We even have a shiny new-ish logo! It's Anime Night 2.0! Or maybe.... NEW POINT OH???

Oh, that's terrible. Nate, don't put that in the articl-

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Despite how much we'd like to be able to use our hopes and dreams as a medium of exchange, it's simply not possible. However, if you contribute to our Patreon, we're willing to back your money with something slightly more tangible: promises! In the future, we might be able to directly exchange promises for dreams. Who knows?