anime night official update: as seen on tv!

anime night official update: as seen on tv!

sorry if this update seems rushed

i'm typing this on my phone

and touchscreens are hard when your bones are made of metal


if you live in the tristate area you probably already know about our update but


new york is on fire

we had some, well, flammable materials in our office

for those of you who don't know we work in an underground complex

anyway some of those flammable materials got into the subway system

so the city is burning from the inside out

anyway the evacuation order went out and there's a very nice lady from fema talkng to me

I've been ignoring her to type out and post this update so I should probably start paying attention again

it's looking like we won't have updates still for a few more days

but I'm sure you have more important things to worry about

like the destruction of wall street and the un

anyway, keep those radios tuned!

04 out! (hopefully not for good!)

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