Anime Night Weekend Nightmare, Week of 10/30/16

Anime Night Weekend Nightmare, Week of 10/30/16


EA Apologizes For #justWWIthings Tweets

When you think of World War I, what comes to mind? Is it "pointless, horrible war between colonial powers that left almost forty million dead and set the events in motion for World War II?" Well, it shouldn't be! What you should be thinking of is "old memes about tumblr accounts that nobody reads," and that's exactly what the official Battlefield 1's Twitter account did with their definitely sensitive #justWWIthings tweets. If you're like to take a look at this entirely appropriate tweets, they've been saved here for your viewing pleasure.

Black Mesa

Black Mesa's Xen Finally Has Release Date

It's been four years since Black Mesa was first released to the public, and we still don't have the final part of the game. But that's finally changing! Black Mesa developer Crowbar Collective says that Xen will be finished by summer of 2017. To explain this development time, they offer several screenshots comparing levels from Black Mesa and the original. Maybe they'll be able to make Xen fun to play!

Tomb Raider

New Tomb Raider Game Leaked

Thanks to some guy on the subway leaving his laptop open with a marketing presentation on screen, we now know the next Tomb Raider game will be called Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Kotaku has verified this leak, somehow, and says it was noticed on a Montreal subway, which is of note because Crystal Dynamics, the developer of Tomb Raider, is based in California. Of course, this could just mean that someone who works at Crystal Dynamics took a trip to Montreal, or—here's an idea—it's because Eidos Montreal worked on both the 2013 Tomb Raider and the 2015 Rise of the Tomb Raider. That would make sense, wouldn't it?

Mafia 3

Mafia 3 is 2K's Fastest-Selling Game Ever

I've been told by the internet that Mafia 3 is bad because of social justice warriors or something. I'm not quite sure. What I do know is that Mafia 3 has become the studio's fastest-selling game yet—and this is 2K, the studio that brought us the Bioshock and Borderlands series, as well as Civilization, from IV on.


Steam Banning Non-Screenshots From Store Pages

Have you ever bought a game on Steam and found out that the pictures on the store page weren't at all accurate to the actual content of the game? Valve understands your plight, and they're changing their policy—from now on, images uploaded to the screenshot section of the store page has to be actual screenshots that show the game. That means no concept art or pre-rendered advertising images. Sorry, No Man's Sky.

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