Anime Night Weekend Nightmare, Week of 2/28/16

Anime Night Weekend Nightmare, Week of 2/28/16


Coleco Chameleon Even More Obviously a Scam

Remember the Coleco Chameleon? Oh right, I already did this joke two weeks ago. Back then, we were talking about how the Coleco Chameleon—modern retro console for huge nerds—had presented a prototype at a New York toy industry show that was actually probably just a SNES Jr. inside an Atari Jaguar shell. Well, since then, a few things have happened: first, Retro VGS (the company behind this) delayed the Kickstarter to "make it even better." Then, they posted a picture of their "prototype" with a transparent case. You can see the circuitry inside, which appears an awful lot like it's a HICAP50B CCTV DVR Capture Card placed inside of a transparent Atari Jaguar shell—in fact, that looks like it's exactly what it is. After this, Coleco Holdings, the company that owns the Colecovision name and are licensing it to Retro VGS, posted a statement on Facebook stating that they'll be auditing the Coleco Chameleon project, which includes inspection of prototypes, within seven days of their post on March 2nd. What will the result of this evaluation be? I think you can probably guess.


McDonald's in Sweden Offering Happy Meal Boxes That Turn Into VR Headsets

At this point, virtual reality is almost entirely a gimmick, and I guess McDonald's knows how to take it all the way. Fourteen McDonald's restaurants in Sweden will start selling a limited run of Happy Meal boxes that can be transformed into VR headsets, à la Google Cardboard. Only 3,500 will be made, which is a bummer if you love collecting speciality McDonald's boxes. If you're just looking for a cheap VR headset, you can always download the Google Cardboard instructions for free.


Steam Bundles Now Discounted If You Own Some Of The Games

Previously, if you wanted to buy bundles of games on Steam, you had to pay for the entire bundle, incuding the games you already owned. Well, Valve has realized that this didn't make much sense. So if you own some of the games in a bundle, you only have to pay for the ones you don't have. For example, the Valve Complete Pack would cost $92.70 normally, but if I bought it on my Steam account where there's only a few games I don't have, it would only be $27.00. I'd have an example that wasn't the Valve Complete Pack, but I can't find any other bundles on Steam. I mean, they exist, right?


Spintires Removed From Steam, Sabotage Rumors Abound

The truck driving game Spintires was removed from Steam earlier this week. The reason? Well, there's a fatal bug in the game that causes it to crash soon after starting. The developer says that it's unintentional, but the rumor is that it might have been sabotage, as part of a fight with the publisher. The developer—or, rather, the one programmer—says that the bug is related to piracy checks, not sabotage. A fix was eventually published, and it's now back on Steam.


Microsoft Accepting HoloLens Preorders

The HoloLens is coming soon, unless you're one of those people who think that it's vaporware. If it is vaporware, I have a feeling that Microsoft might be facing some serious consequences for the fact that they've just opened up pre-orders for the HoloLens, and they only cost $3,000! This is just the developer build, which means that the final version will probably cost less. But the Oculus developer version ended up being less than the final version, so who knows? The developer version comes with three games: Fragments, a crime drama, Young Conker, which is something related to Conker, and RoboRaid, a first person shooter. We'll see how it turns out! Hopefully well.

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