Anime Night Weekend Nightmare, Week of 2/7/16

Anime Night Weekend Nightmare, Week of 2/7/16

FNAF World

Five Nights at Freddy's World Released for Real

FNAF World originally came out a few weeks ago, and was then removed from sale the week after. According to Scott Cawthon, he was "not satisfied" with how the game turned out. Well, now he apparently is; the game has been re-released for free on GameJolt, including an updated overworld as well as "other new features." Which are hopefully good.


Fallout 4 Will Get a Real Survival Mode

Once you've worked your way through Fallout 4, you might be looking for an even harder test of your wasteland surviving skills. For that, you can play Fallout 4's survival mode, which makes enemies tougher and makes you more vulnerable. But that's not what some people were hoping for. So they're getting what they want: Fallout 4 will be getting a real survival mode, featuring food and sleep requirements, diseases, danger, "and more." So just in case you just didn't find enough challenge in the food, sleep, or diseaselessness requirements of daily life, you will soon be able to challenge yourself to a real survival mode.


Hatred Developers Working on New, Less-Edgy Game

Destructive Creations, the studio known for their 2015 failure Hatred, has announced their next game. And it looks a little bit less edgy. The game is called IS Defense, and in it you play as a machine-gunner for NATO, defending against ISIS. Yeah, it's the boring turret segment from every other game, but this one doesn't have other fun parts surrounding it. However, you're fighting against ISIS, not for them—which, considering their previous attempt at a game, seems oddly unobjectionable on the surface.

FPS Movie

Generic First Person Shooter Games Turned Into Generic First Person Shooter Movie

When I'm watching a movie and there's a generic action scene that lasts for more than a few minutes—like, for example, in every superhero movie these days—I get really bored. But if you're someone who finds these scenes to be the best parts of the movie, check this out: a movie called Hardcore Henry is coming out in April, and it's basically a Generic First Person Shooter Game that's been turned into a movie. It's got everything: a woman to rescue, an eastern European man to kill, a British man to give you advice, what more could you want?

I'd like a good movie, but that's just me.


Sega Working With Sony on Sonic Movie


Kanye West

Kanye West Is Making a Game

Ah yes, Kanye West. World famous rapper and egotist. Did you know he's working on a game? What kind of weird game would Kanye be working on? A rap battle rhythm game? A roleplaying game where you play as Kanye West rescuing the world from evil? A game where you compare your awards and nominations and then people make fun of you for having fewer accolades?

Actually, it's about his dead mother ascending to heaven.

It just doesn't seem as funny anymore.

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