Anime Night Weekend Nightmare, Week Of 3/1

Anime Night Weekend Nightmare, Week Of 3/1

RIP Maxis

RIP Maxis Emeryville

Maxis Emeryville, main studio of SimCity developer Maxis, has been closed by their parent company EA. They still have four other offices, but it seems the recent failures of SimCity and The Sims 4 have hit the company hard. It turns out that the reason for the closure was that Maxis's games—other than The Simsjust weren't printing money fast enough. Maybe the secret is stuff packs for SimCity.

Gamestop PS2

You Can Once Again Trade In Your PS2 At GameStop

Do you have an old PS2 that's just gathering dust at the back of your closet? You really need to play some games on that, because it is seriously one of the most amazing consoles ever produced. Just go pick up a copy of Jak and Daxter and Sly Cooper and give them a whirl. But if you're really adamant about getting rid of it, and you want to get fleeced while doing so, you can now trade in your console at GameStop. You get $20 for the console, and $5 more if you include the cables and a controller. I looked on eBay and you can get around $50 for it, but hey, it's your choice.


More Coming for Ratchet and Clank, Resistance, and Sunset Overdrive.

During a live stream from GDC, Insomniac Game Director Drew Murray said that we'll see a PS4 sequel to Ratchet and Clank in the near future—some point this year. Not only that, but we also might see a new game in the Resistance series. And—though a sequel was not confirmed—we will be seeing DLC for Sunset Overdrive very soon—development finished this friday.

More GTA V

More Story Content Coming to GTA V

Rumor has it that Rockstar is working on 'monumental' new story content for Grand Theft Auto V. The rumor "anonymous source" doesn't say when this DLC will come out or what it will contain, but it'll probably be very similar to Grand Theft Auto IV's episodes, and will probably come out on PC in about 2018.

Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4, Source 2, and Unity 5 Are Free

Unreal Engine 4, that engine that looks really impressive in demos but runs really slowly on my computer, is now free to download. You can now make your dream game, as long as it's a first person shooter or as long as you're willing to dig through the engine and figure out how to conjure up something innovative. Following this announcement, Unity announced that their engine—the personal edition, at least—is also free to use.

The same day, Valve announced at GDC that Source 2 is real and will be free. Actually free. As long as you publish your game on Steam, there are zero royalties—unless you count the 30% Valve gets when you sell your game on Steam.

Sonic for Consoles

More Sonic Games Coming to Consoles

Takashi Iizuka, head of Sonic Team (see also: Takashi Iizuka, professional wrestler), announced that Sega will continue to develop Sonic the Hedgehog games for home consoles. Thank god! Here I was over here thinking that we're going to start running out of video games to make fun of. Sure, Sonic Boom is bad, but it gets old when you make fun of it for the thirtieth time.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Coming At E3 Maybe

Industry insider "shinobi602"—you may recognize him from last week's The Order: 1886 rumor—has said that we are going to see Fallout 4 at E3. According to our trustworthy industry source, our chances from one to ten of seeing Fallout 4 at E3 are "11." I see no reason to doubt these claims.

No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky Is Really Big

The procedurally generated world of No Man's Sky is apparently really big. Really big. Apparently it's so big that they created in-game space probes to explore the world. The big question here is, in my opinion, whether or not this will turn out to be the sequel to Spore that we always wanted. And considering that Star Citizen will never be released, maybe this will take its place—unfortunately, without the millions of dollars wasted on new spaceships. RSI, you have a very serious gambling problem.

World of Warcraft Death

Man Dies Playing World of Warcraft For 19 Hours

I remember the last time something like this happened. That time, it was a South Korean man playing Starcraft for fifty hours. This time, it's a Chinese man playing World of Warcraft for nineteen hours. The cause of death isn't known, but it's probably something to do with playing nineteen straight hours of World of Warcraft. When will scientists discover the link between Southeast Asia, Blizzard games, and death?

NVidia Grid

Nvidia Unveils Netflix for Games

Nvidia says that they're going to bring us game streaming from the cloud in May. There are so many problems with this that I can see, and it doesn't seem that previous attempts at game streaming have really worked out that well. But Nvidia promises 150ms response times—with "good internet"—and we'll see if they keep that promise. I don't see the point when I can buy, download, and play a game on my own computer from Steam that runs with zero latency—but I'm sure they've done their research.

HTC Half Life 3

HTC Is (Not) Making Half-Life 3 With Valve

HTC chairwoman Chen Wang announced on Monday that they are co-operating with Valve on a new game in the series. As with all good things, there's always a catch, and the catch is that it's just not true. On Tuesday, she apologized for the confusion, and said that she meant that they were working on next-generation experiences with Valve. But, I mean, come on—they have to use Source 2 at some point, right?

Project Morpheus

Project Morpheus Is Apparently Really Good

There was a ton of VR stuff at GDC this year, and hopefully it doesn't all turn out to suck. According to John Carmack, computer wizard, at least Sony's doesn't. This is an odd endorsement coming from the CTO of Oculus VR, but apparently it's just that good. The consumer version will apparently be released in the first half of 2016. It boasts some impressive features—1080p display, 120hz refresh rate, and a weird looking design. All this press has made me a bit suspicious, but I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Meanwhile, Gabe Newell himself announced that Valve & HTC's Vive headset eliminates motion sickness altogether. But what can they do about the eye strain?

New Classic Rare Games

New Classic Rare Games Coming Soon?

Some developer for Microsoft said on NeoGAF that "if there ever was a chance old-school Rare fans will be satisfied with current Rare-work, this time is this year." Later, a person on Reddit claiming to be an ex-Microsoft employee said that Microsoft wants to make a Conker sequel, but "no one wants to make it, because MS wants to rush it out." The claim is also made that Microsoft were planning on rebooting some old Rare franchises "like Perfect Dark and Banjo" in 2016 or 2017, but "I'm not sure if those ...reboots will continue as planned." So, are we going to get some new games, or are has Microsoft canned the project? Only time and industry leaks will tell.

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