Anime Night Weekend Nightmare, Week of 3/13/16

Anime Night Weekend Nightmare, Week of 3/13/16

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan Wins Sex Tape Lawsuit Against Gawker

I really only write about video games for this article, but that's not a hard rule, and this is just too good to avoid reporting on. Hulk Hogan, professional wrestler and old racist white guy, has won a $115 million verdict against Gawker Media over the publishing of his sex tape without his consent. So that sounds pretty cut-and-dry right? While the guilt in this case is pretty obvious, the matter of the $115 million reward might be a bit complicated. Gawker plans to appeal, of course, but they might have to post a bond of up to $50 million before they can. And even if they can afford the $50 million, there's still the (pretty good) chance that they'll lose the appeal. Can Gawker manage to fight the decision, or at least lower the amount they have to pay? Or will they manage to shuffle things around in their shell game of a company so that they don't have to pay anything? Stay tuned (to somewhere else, because I'm not reporting on it again).


Valve's Releasing a New Game For Free (It's a Vive Promo)

Rejoice—Valve's releasing a new game! Then stop rejoicing, because the game isn't Half Life 3. Or Left 4 Dead 3. Or even really a full game. It's a free game called The Lab, and it's essentially a Vive demo/promo. It involves a museum and something with those weird hand controllers that come with the Vive. I don't know, I didn't play it. Maybe it will be good? The only people who will know will be Vive owners, and hopefully all four of them will enjoy it.


Paid Mods Are Back, Kind Of

Back in my day (April 2015) Valve tried to add paid mods to the Skyrim workshop. This didn't go over well, and they dropped it. Now, Valve's trying it again, but a bit smarter. This time, they're selling custom game modes for Dota 2. Because there's no third party developer involved, Valve can pay modders 70% of the income, instead of the 25% they'd get with the previous system. Will this go badly? No chance!

Er, well, it already did, actually. It turns out that the first mod they added to their new custom game pass system, Roshpit Champions, uses some assets from other developers without credit or payment. The developers of the mod also claim that Valve gets IP rights over their mod, though Valve seems to disagree. I guess paid mods are just cursed to failure.


Developer Sues Jim Sterling For Making Fun Of Their Games

A lot of terrible games make their way through the Steam Greenlight process and on to Steam. Some of those games are made by Digital Homicide Studios. Internet critic Jim Sterling has created some videos about these games (such as this one, as is his wont. I can't vouch for the quality of those videos, but I can tell you that Digital Homicide didn't like them—in fact, they're suing him over it. Digital Homicide alleges that Jim Sterling is guilty of "libel and slander" and that he crossed the line with "continued coverage and harassment of every single title we have ever posted." Litigious scammers, or naive game developers with a critical misunderstanding of what constitutes defamation? You decide.


Runescape Developer Jagex Purchased By Chinese Mining Company

You might not recognize the name Jagex, but you probably remember at least a little bit of Runescape, if only from hazy memories of elementary school. Well, they've been purchased—or to be completely accurate, they're about to be purchased—by a Chinese mining company, for $300 million. Now, by mining, I don't mean virtual gold mining, or Bitcoin mining. I mean actual mining, with rocks and metals and things. Why a Chinese actual mining company wants a piece of an MMO way past its heyday, well, I can't tell you.

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