Anime Night Weekend Nightmare, Week of 3/6/16

Anime Night Weekend Nightmare, Week of 3/6/16


Computer Beats World Champion of Go

Back in the year of our lord 1997, the IBM-developed Deep Blue defeated Chess grandmaster and then-world champion Garry Kasparov in a chess tournament, striking fear into the hearts of nerds who think malevolent AI is a real threat to humanity. Well, those nerds might want to continue to cower; a computer has finally defeated the world champion of Go. Go is a game that's considered harder for a computer to learn than Chess, since the number of possibilites make it difficult for a computer to brute force. DeepMind, a Google-owned company, used the magic of machine learning to teach a computer to play Go. This seems like the best use of their time.


Coleco Chameleon Disappears

This is probably the last time you'll see the Coleco Chameleon on Weekend Nightmare. If you don't remember, the Coleco Chameleon is—was—a modern retro cartridge console with grand aspirations and little to show for it. Recently, they've been known for shoving a SNES Jr. inside of an Atari Jaguar case and calling it a prototype and showing a picture of their "hardware" which was actually just a random PCI card. Last we heard, they—the company that's running the project, RetroVGS—were going to be audited by the company that owns the Coleco name. Because of that, well, they were ruined. First, the managing editor of RetroVGS's magazine resigned "to separate [himself] from everything associated with [the Coleco Chameleon]." Soon after, Coleco decided they were pulling their support from the project. Since then, RetroVGS has deleted their website and Facebook page.

Thus endeth the story of the Coleco Chameleon.


Amazon Japan Now Shipping Games Internationally

Weeaboos rejoice; you can now buy all your favorite Japan-exclusive games directly from Amazon Japan! This only works for games that are fulfilled by Amazon themselves, but that means you can finally pick up a copy of the Japanese-only Dead or Alive Xtreme 3! Wow, beach volleyball!

New Vegas

Upcoming Fallout: New Vegas Mod Adds New Map, Drivable Vehicles, And More

Though Fallout 4 has been out for some time now, some people still play Fallout: New Vegas. Some of them play it for the story, some play it because it's cheaper, and some play it for the wide array of mods that are available. Granted, most of these are shoddily made sex mods, but a few of them—like the upcoming The Frontier—are actually high quality. This mod adds a whole bunch of new things. There's a whole new area: Portland, Oregon. There's a weather system that you have to protect yourself against. There's drivable vehicles. There's a whole new fully voice acted quest line. It'll be out this winter, hopefully.


Special Assassin's Creed Movie Package Comes With Crossbow

If you want to see the upcoming Assassin's Creed movie (and you almost certainly don't), and you have a ton of free cash, then you'll want to check out this special edition package. For only $1,200 USD, you can pick up a ticket, a digital copy of the script, some behind-the-scenes extras—and a real, full-size crossbow. I don't know if this crossbow is functional, but considering that only twenty of them are being made (and you're paying $1,200 for it), you might not want to test it out if you pick it up.


New Emulator Renders Real NES Games in 3D

If you've been wanting to play NES classics like Super Mario Bros. 3 and Legend of Zelda, and you've been wanting to play them in a mostly broken 3D version, then I've got a treat for you! A new NES emulator, creatively named 3DNes, renders NES games in 3D by converting the game's 2D layers into 3D objects. You can watch a demonstration video here.


The Division Launches With Game-Breaking Player Blocking Bug

The recently released game The Division seems to have a fairly critical bug for a multiplayer game: namely, the ability to block other players with your body. This means you can simply stand in a doorway and prevent other players from passing through. But, surprisingly, this isn't the worst issue. This player blocking bug, along with another issue that makes a game-critical laptop only interactable by one person at once, means that players have had to queue up in a line behind this laptop to wait for a chance to use it. Ubisoft fixed the issue... by making it so that players don't have to use the laptop to progress. Way to get to the heart of the issue, Ubisoft.

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