Anime Night Weekend Nightmare, Week of 6/14

Anime Night Weekend Nightmare, Week of 6/14

Another year, another E3. The industry's largest gaming conference has come and gone, and now I've got a whole bunch of news to report on. So I'm going to ignore most of it because I don't care about a new Mass Effect, and you can sit back and read the Anime Night Weekend Nightmare—E3 Special Edition.

Call of Duty

PS4 Is The "new home of Call of Duty"

Back in the day, the Xbox 360 solidified its place in the console market by being the console of whiny pre-teens on Call of Duty. But times change, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC is heading to PS4 first. Call of Duty appeared at Sony's press conference this year instead of Microsoft's, and Mountain Dew bottles everywhere now feature Playstation along with Call of Duty. Truly a monumental shift in gaming.

Fallout 4

All The Fallout 4 Info You Need

Unless you are really out of the loop, you'll know that Fallout 4 was announced, as reported on in our May 31st article, which we remembered to publish. At E3 we got a ton (a Megaton? Anyone?) of information about Fallout 4. It's out on 10th November 2015, and it contains whole bunch of fancy new features! There's voice acting, male and female! Dialog can be done in first or third person and you can walk away at any point. There's a layered armor system, a building system (you can create a settlement, like in Terraria), weapon and armor crafting, and a whole bunch more! It's looking pretty great.

If you're of the "console" persuasion, you can still get in on the whole "modding" dealio that those PC gamers seem so smug about. PS4 and Xbox One players will be able to play mods for the PC, though the Xbox One will get them earlier. There won't be any Script Extender on consoles, so the modding opportunities are still more limited on consoles. Rejoice, there's still something to be smug about!

If you want your very own heavy bracelet that will get you stopped by airport security, you can preorder the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition, which contains a Pip-Boy phone case that you can slide your phone into and pretend you're in the wasteland I guess. It's "only" $158.79 (£99.99).

For something Fallout-themed to play on your new Pip-Boy, try out Fallout Shelter, a mobile game tangentially related to Fallout 4. You play as a vault overseer, managing your vault slaves citizens. Your goal is to make sure that they don't all die in some horrible radiation-related death. For a short time, it was making more money than Candy Crush Saga. It's iOS only, but they say an Android version is coming in a few months (though they add "hopefully.")

Some nerd tried to preorder Fallout 4 using a box of bottle caps. He hasn't heard back from the company yet so I'm assuming it went well.

Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 Is Also Real

Did you know that Bethesda makes other games than Fallout and The Elder Scrolls? One of them was Dishonored, and it was good (or so I've heard.) They're making a sequel, as rumors previously suggested, and it comes with a sweet gameplay-free trailer. There's no release date yet, but we do know that a "Definitive Edition" is coming to PS4 and Xbox One this fall.

Starbreeze VR

Starbreeze Unveils "IMAX of VR"

You know what's a marketplace that needs more competition? Virtual reality headsets! We've got the original—the Oculus—as well as Project Morpheus, the Hololens, Samsung's Gear VR, the HTC Vive, Google's cardboard box, and more. But thankfully Starbreeze, the company that makes PAYDAY 2 and its lesser known predecessor PAYDAY: The Heist, has come to save us from a lack of options with their very own VR headset. Creatively, they've decided to name it StarVR. It offers 2560 x 1440 resolution per eye, which is confusingly greater than 1080p but less than 4K. It has 210 degrees of horizontal viewing range and 130 degrees of vertical viewing range, which is apparently impressive. And it has a zombie game, which nobody else has. Good job, PAYDAY 2 guys.

Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 Is Still Real

If you didn't read last week's article—which you didn't, because it was never published—you will remember that there were rumors that Dark Souls 3 would be unveiled at E3. This was based on a leaked promotional screenshot from IGN. Well, it's real! It was accidentally announced by Bandai Namco UK in a tweet, which was deleted—a permanent redaction in this day and age—and then covered at Microsoft's E3 conference. It's got a gameplay-free teaser trailer, because who cares about gameplay, really?

South Park

New South Park Game Announced

South Park is not a TV show that I would think would work well in video game format. I still don't think it works well in video game format, but apparently The Stick of Truth was pretty popular. And it's getting a sequel, The Fractured But Whole (Get it? It's funny.) Obsidian isn't working on this one—Ubisoft San Francisco is—but they do say that "We are super excited to see another South Park game getting made."

Xbox One

Xbox One Will Soon Be Backwards Compatible With The Xbox 360

Microsoft announced at their E3 conference that the Xbox One will soon have backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games. Remember how great it was that the PS2 was compatible with the PS1 on launch, and the PS3 was compatible with the PS2 on launch? Well, now you can feel that feeling a year and a half after the console was released. Truly, we're in the next generation of consoles. They won't be automatically compatible, however. Developers will have to approve each title before it becomes available, so there's only 100 titles available on launch.


Minecraft Is Coming to HoloLens

Microsoft's VR headset—HoloLens—is just one of many, many more. So what better way to promote it than to attach it to a massively successful video game that they had no part in creating? It was kind of obvious that this would happen, given their original HoloLens demo, but Minecraft will work with the HoloLens. One person can wear the HoloLens and look at their Minecraft world on their tabletop, peering into buildings and spying on their friend's activities. Sounds like just the sort of gimmick to get me to shell out some large amount of money to what amounts to an inferior Oculus.

Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst Coming February 23rd

Mirror's Edge is a pretty cool game. It lets me live out my fantasy of being a professional video game speedrunner, but without the carpal tunnel syndrome that comes from actually speedrunning video games. They're finally making a sequel, and it's due out February 23rd (February 26th for you Europeans). It's open world, though there's a story as well as time trial components just like the last game. Oh, and no guns. You can't pick them up.


PS4 Finally Gets a Media Player

What's even more ridiculous than the Xbox One not having backwards compatibility until now is that the PS4 hasn't had a media player until now. It launches with all the codecs you'll ever need—what's that, you want to listen to your collection of uncompressed placebo FLAC files? You want to look at some GIF images? You want to watch some Xvid encoded videos that you pirated from YIFY? Get out of here, criminal! We've only had a year and a half to work on this, we can't be expected to support such obscure things as "GIF images."


Rare Announces Pirate MMO

Rare, that company that doesn't really exist anymore that made those good games for Nintendo and then made that bad game for Microsoft, hasn't really done much lately. Yooka-Laylee's developers, former Rare employees, said Rare's next game looked really good, and rumors flew that their next game might be a Banjo-Kazooie or Conker sequel. Well, it turns out that everyone is going to be disappointed. Rare's next game is called Sea of Thieves, and it's about pirates. I haven't seen a good pirate game since Sid Meier's Pirates, so I'm hoping it ends up more like that and less like the atrocity that is Pirate Ship Wars.

Microsoft announced that they're releasing Rare Replay on August 4th for the Xbox One, a collection of everything Rare's made. Yes, even that one.


DayZ Creator Dean Hall Announces New Project

Once you've created a buggy zombie MMO mod and then left it to the game's original creators to sort it out, the obvious next step is to create a buggy space MMO game—and that's exactly what Dean Hall is doing. Ion is an MMO where you build a space station in space and survive. Maybe it's like Space Station 13. I don't know. The trailer doesn't reveal much. But I'm sure it will be well coded.


Shenmue 3 Launches Kickstarter

Shenmue, forklift simulator and cult favorite, is getting a sequel again. Announced at Sony's E3 conference, the Kickstarter has already received $3.4 million of a $2 million goal. It reached its goal so fast that it set the world record for fastest video game crowdfunding at 102 minutes, beating out Torment: Tides of Numenera by 3 hours and 25 minutes. You may wonder why a game announced at Sony's E3 conference would need a Kickstarter campaign to get funded. Apparently the Kickstarter campaign is only a way to get investors interested in the project. You've been used.

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