Anime Night Weekend Nightmare, Week of 6/5/16

Anime Night Weekend Nightmare, Week of 6/5/16

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs 2 Announced

Remember that 2014 game that a lot of people didn't like? No, not that one—I mean Watch Dogs. Uh, sorry, Watch_Dogs™. Well, it's getting a sequel, and nothing I've seen so far suggests that Watch Dogs 2 will have the same annoying underscore! The game is set in San Francisco, instead of Chicago, and stars a new character named Marcus Holloway, which some people don't like, because he's black. So, uh, if you were interested in that, now you know!


Apple Allowing Subscription-Based Games Starting This Fall

When you think of mobile phone games, what comes to mind? Is "quality" one of those things? What about "quality that I'm willing to pay a recurring fee for?" Personally, it's not. But Apple's confident that some people think this. They're expanding their current subscription model to all apps, including games. This means that, instead of paying money upfront for the ad-free version of Angry Birds, you could instead subscribe to pay $X/mo forever for the same privilege! This is just the kind of progress I've come to expect from Apple.


HTC Vive Launches Business Edition, With No Physical Differences

Are you a company looking for an enterprise virtual reality solution? No? Well, HTC hopes you do! They've launched the HTC Vive Business Edition, which is $400 more expensive and has the sole additional feature of "better customer support." I'm sure that there's plenty of large companies out there who are willing to pay $1200 for a VR headset to do... what? One can only hope HTC has it figured out.


Nostalrius Team Says Blizzard Wants Legacy WoW Servers

If you don't remember, Nostalrius was the legacy World of Warcraft private server that got shut down back in April. Essentially, they were providing the same sort of thing to World of Warcraft as OldSchool Runescape provides to Runescape. Since the servers were shut down, there's been a lot of public support for official private servers. Well, the team behind Nostalrius met with Blizzard executives, and they say that Blizzard wants to have legacy World of Warcraft servers, and they do have the source code for legacy Wow! This is where the good news ends. They're still missing the assets for vanilla WoW—the maps, models, quests, and all the other parts that aren't code-related. Hopefully, though, Blizzard sees this as an opportunity to recover some of the millions of subscribers they've lost recently, and didn't just set up this meeting so they could look like they're doing something about it.


Sony Confirms PlayStation 4K Exists

Do you find yourself disappointed in the lack of resolution of your regular PS4? Do you wish you had four times as many pixels? Well, Sony's confirmed that there's a 4K PS4 in development—and it won't be at E3. Both versions will be sold, according to Sony, and all PS4K games will also be compatible with the original PS4. Honestly, I don't think there's going to be many people who will be willing to buy this, since it seems like it's going to be at least equal in price to the original PS4, if not more expensive!

But there's some evidence to suggest that Microsoft will be releasing a 2TB Xbox One. We'll probably find out more at E3 on Monday.


Rumors Abound About a Skyrim Remaster

This article should be going up on Sunday, June 12th, but at the time of this writing, it's not Sunday, June 12th. That means we haven't heard all the great news about Bethesda's press conference at E3. But here's what past-us thought we knew: Bethesda's going to be announcing several sequels and a Skyrim remaster. The Skyrim remaster is said to contain all DLCs and improved visuals, as well as mod support for consoles through Bethesda's fancy new mod workshop, which might make the game interesting enough to play. The sequels are supposed to be Prey 2 (again), Wolfenstein 2, and The Evil Within 2. Of course, these are all rumors, for now. You, future reader, know if these are indeed rumors. If you've already invented the time machine, please head back to when I'm writing this and let me know!

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