Anime Night Weekend Nightmare, Week of 7/10/16

Anime Night Weekend Nightmare, Week of 7/10/16

Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO Is The Most Popular Mobile Game in US History

Pokemon GO, the game about trapping wild animals in small magic spheres, only launched a little more than a week ago. But the game has already become the most popular mobile game in US history by daily active users, hitting twenty one million so far, surpassing Candy Crush Saga's previous twenty million record. The game is already more popular than Twitter on Android and is set to eclipse Snapchat and Google Maps in just a few more days.

Things haven't entirely been great though. Rumors of Niantic spying on your Google account turned out to be mostly false, caused in part by badly-named Google permissions—but they promise to fix it anyways. The Holocaust museum, a place that you're pretty clearly not supposed to play around in, has issued a statement that people need to stop playing Pokemon GO while in their museum. Niantic does have a method for delisting sites, but the Holocaust museum would have to initiate the process themselves.


Valve and Twitch Cracking Down on Gambling Sites

If you've ever played Counter Strike: Global Offensive, you've probably seen someone advertising a gambling site for some reason or another. Valve are apparently just as annoyed by that as you are: they've announced that they're cracking down on gambling sites that allow people to gamble using in-game goods. This comes on the tail of recent news that some YouTube stars who owned gambling sites were staging videos where they won big to attract people to their sites. Valve has announced that they're going to start sending notices to sites to attempt to get them to cease operations, and that they will "further pursue the matter as necessary." I don't know what that means, but it sounds serious!

Twitch has also announced that broadcasters are not allowed to use gambling sites on-air, using the kind-of cop-out excuse that "Valve doesn't allow it, and we don't allow people to break the terms of service of third-parties on air." Way to not take a stand, guys!

Just Cause 3

Just Cause 2 Multiplayer's Lead Developer Joins Just Cause 3 Team

Remember that Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod that people were really hyped about a few years ago? Well, they were working on a Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod, but they announced this week that it's been cancelled. But wait! There's good news! The reason it's been cancelled is because the lead developer, Cameron Foote, has joined the Avalanche Studios team (the people who develop Just Cause 3), to "bring many of the things you know and love from JC2-MP into future Avalanche experiences, while reaching heights that a mere mod couldn't facilitate." Hopefully this means that we'll be getting a multiplayer mod that can actually figure out when you're shooting someone.


Nintendo Launching Mini NES Console With Thirty Games

You know those plug-and-play chinese knockoff consoles you can buy that say they're "1000 games in one!" and just include a bunch of pirated NES games? Nintendo's decided to get in on the action, announcing the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System, a miniture replica of the original that plays real NES games. So, with 713 games released for the original NES—77 of those by Nintendo—how many of them did Nintendo manage to include? Thirty! That's right, for $60—more than the cost of a Raspberry Pi and a USB NES controller, which can emulate every NES game ever made, plus a billion other consoles—you can get yourself thirty whole NES games. In a box! Wow, the future is so much better!

And unlike that Raspberry Pi, the mini NES won't be able to download more games from the internet.

Breeding Season

Breeding Season, the Highest Earning Game on Patreon, Cancelled

Oh geez. How do I write about this?

Breeding Season, a farming / sex game where you breed people and animes and things together, was the highest earning game on Patreon, earning around $42k a month. But the game was cancelled this week. Why? Because they hired a shitty fucking lawyer, that's why.

The terms of their contract with their artist meant that:

  • The artist could walk away from the project at any time with no warning.
  • The artist retained all rights to the game's art.
  • The artist could take half of the studio's savings.
  • The artist could force the developers to remove his work from the game.
  • The artist could waste a month ($9,000 worth of time) on developing his own project.
  • The developers have no legal recourse for any of this.

God damn. I don't even know what to say.

Star Citizen

Star Citizen Gives Player a Refund Only After Player Contacts the Government

You might be surprised to hear that Star Citizen, the game we already knew was a scam, is still in development and is still making money. But one player got fed-up that the game was stagnant, and that the game's developers changed the Terms of Service so that players could only receive a refund if development of Star Citizen had ceased (the old TOS allowed players to receive a refund if the game or pledge items hadn't been delivered after eighteen months). Eventually, they were able to get a refund—but only after involving the Federal Trade Commission, the LA Department of Consumer and Business Affairs, and the Internet Crime Complaint Center. The player reports that they were contacted by a Los Angeles County Investigator where he described the situation and why he believes the game is a scam. Less than a day later, he received his money back. What a coincidence!


Jagex Actually Bought by Chinese Mining Company

Back in March, we reported that the Runescape developer Jagex was about to be bought by a Chinese mining company. Well, they've finally ironed out all the details, and Jagex has actually been bought by them. Well, technically, they've been bought by a Chinese-owned holding company that includes Jagex and will include other games companies. Good to know I didn't lie to you all!

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