Anime Night Weekend Nightmare, Week of 8/16

Anime Night Weekend Nightmare, Week of 8/16


Crowdfunded Chinese Home Console Just a Repackaged Ouya

Are you disappointed that the Ouya is gone? If you have about $68, you can get a Ouye console from Chinese crowdfunding site But be warned: the console is not what it seems. The case is a PS4 case mashed up with an Xbox One, with a modified Xbox One controller. The internals, however, are nothing like the case. It's a standard Android micro-console, probably pretty similar to the OUYA. But hey, it's $32 cheaper. A bargain!


Amiiqo "Backup Device" Can Spoof Any Amiibo

"Backup" seems to commonly be used as a euphemism for piracy. There are a few times where you might actually want to get copies of your games for backup purposes, but there are some points when "backup" becomes what "linux distros" is for torrenting. The Amiiqo is a good example of this: it's marked as an Amiibo backup device, where you can download your Amiibo's data to your phone for "backup" purposes. What you can also do with it is download Amiibo data from the internet and upload it to the Amiiqo, which can be used just like an Amiibo. I think most people probably prefer the collect-them-all aspect of Amiibo rather then the unlock-thing-in-video-games aspect, but you can pre-order it for $51.19.


Nintendo Patents New Console, Has No Disc Drive

Nintendo has patented a new console, which—as the patent makes clear—has no disc drive. What does this mean? Could this be the NX that we've been hearing so little about? Well, the lack of a disc drive could mean that they're moving entirely to digital downloads. If the patent is for the NX, it would indicate that the NX won't be a portable console—the patent includes mentions of controllers, external hard drives, and a "display apparatus." We'll just have to wait and see.

EQ2 Prison

Everquest 2 Adds Prison Server

Banning someone on an MMO usually means that you don't get their money anymore. After all, they're not paying you for the account they can't play on. But Daybreak has come up with an innovative solution to the problem: instead of banning them from the entire game, banish their entire account to a prison server. They can continue to play the game, but they are now playing on a server with no rules, no consequences, and no customer support. And there's no going back. Even if you haven't gotten banned, you can still access this prison world—but only if you too move your entire account over to the prison server, forever and always.

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty Announcer Pack Now Available for Dota 2

Are you a fan of television shows? Are you a fan of that one television show that everyone else also seems to be a fan of? Do you also happen to play that one game that everyone seems to konw about but nobody seems to know how to play? Then the Rick and Morty Announcer Pack for Dota 2 is just the thing for you! What? No, they're not paying me to write this.


Former Double Fine COO Launches Video Game Crowdfunding Service

Crowdfunding so far hasn't been focused around "investments" as much as it has been focused around "rewards." However, a new company—Fig—is trying to change that. Founded by Justin Bailey, former COO of Double Fine—a company known for their crowdfunding successes and, er, failures—the site aims to give backers an actual stake in the success of projects they fund. There are still classic backer rewards, but investors will also receive a portion of the game's revenue. The site's still trying to get through the SEC, so investments are limited to accredited investors who invest over $1,000, but they're aiming to open it up to the public when they're allowed to.


Vloggers Get Official Advertising Guidance From the UK Committee of Advertising Practice

If you support ethics in... video blogging, then this is some good news for you. The UK Committee of Advertising Practice has published official guidance for vloggers who accept payment to promote products in their videos. The rules are pretty simple: if you are paid to promote something, and the advertiser controls the message, then the content is an ad and must be clearly identified as such. This comes after a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority about videos that promoted Oreos without telling people. Those monsters.

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