Anime Night Weekend Nightmare, Week of 8/7/16

Anime Night Weekend Nightmare, Week of 8/7/16

No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky Finally Comes Out, Is Kinda Disappointing

No Man's Sky, the highly anticipated open-world exploration game from the developers of Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie, has finally come out. And things have not gone well!

First, there were issues leading up to the release date. Sony wrongly took down fan videos on No Man's Sky, forcing Hello Games to make an official public apology. Then, it was announced that the game will have a massive (824MB) day one patch that reworks almost every element of the game—meaning that if you pick the game up, and you don't have an online connection, you'll be playing a completely different game than everyone else. And finally—perhaps because of frantic work over this patch—advance copies arrived at review outlets only a day before the game was released. This meant that a site would have to play through the game and write a review in less than 24 hours for it to be on time.

Now, late review embargos happen often—Fallout 4, for one, had an embargo that lifted the day before. But this is more uncommon—reviewers wouldn't even be able to start playing the game until the day before release. This isn't the only time it's happened—DOOM (the reboot) gave no advance copies to reviewers. But it's strange.

And then the release happened. If you want to know how it is, well, that's not really our job. But there were certainly some issues. For example—remember how Hello Games had been saying for a while that players could meet in person, though it was very unlikely? Well, two players managed to do just that, and as it turns out—you can't. Well, to be fair, Sean Murray of Hello Games says it's probably because the servers were overloaded—though Sony added a sticker to the European release that covered up the "online play" icon, implying that online play might've been a feature scrapped at the last minute.

Something less shady—players have found a game-breaking item duplication exploit. Oops.

But that's all about the PS4 version. What about the PC version, which released three days later for some reason? Well, reviews so far indicate that it's really, really badly optimized and crashes often. Not the best look for your game. The game currently enjoys a "mixed" rating on Steam, indicating the verdict on the game is about fifty/fifty.


Elder Scrolls 6 Won't Be Announced Until It's Ready For Release

According to Bethesda, if a new Elder Scrolls game is coming, they won't announce it until it's ready to release. This implies that the game will be announced soon before the release date, similar to Fallout 4 being announced five months before release. That's really all there is to this news. It's not really news, for that matter. Sorry.


UK Gambling Commission Might Be Tightening Rules on eSports Gambling

Gambling with virtual items has been kind of a grey area so far. The laws obviously weren't written with the knowledge that people would give monetary value to imaginary items in video games. So sites that let you bet in-game items on real-life eSports matches have been operating in a danger zone when it comes to legality. But the UK Gambling Commission is trying to change that. In a discussion paper published recently, they state that they consider eSports gambling as being something that a license is required for, and that they'll be upping their enforcement of this rule. So far, no action will be taken—but they anticipate that they'll come up with a final declaration of intent by this autumn.


Nordic Games Rebranding as THQ Nordic

Back when THQ dissolved, Nordic Games bought up a whole bunch of their franchises, including Red Faction, Supreme Commander, and Titan Quest. They also bought the THQ name, which is why they're allowed to rebrand themselves to THQ Nordic. They say this is because most of their game projects are based on THQ's IPs, as well as an attempt to be seen as a real video game developer instead of a small company whose unskippable logo is at the start of the old THQ games you like.


SUPERHOT Getting A Card Game

SUPERHOT was a mixed bag on release, with a lot of praise for its gameplay and a lot of criticism for its short length and price. But I can't say, at any time while I was playing SUPERHOT, did I think it's the kind of game that would adapt well to a card game. But apparently that's just me. How does it work? Well, presumably cards are involved, somehow. That's kind of all anyone knows right now. The Kickstarter for this card game is coming in December, though it seems kind of odd that a game that sold hundreds of thousands of copies would need to raise money for a card game that people will buy with more money.

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