Anime Night Weekend Nightmare, Week of 9/6

Anime Night Weekend Nightmare, Week of 9/6

Apple TV

New Apple TV Trying To Become a Micro-Console

Now that the OUYA is off the scene, Apple is trying to corner the lucrative shitty app console market with the new Apple TV. It's got a controller and everything! The one thing the Apple TV has going for it that the OUYA didn't is that it's not being made by a complete trainwreck of a company, so we might actually see some good games on it. Activision says that Guitar Hero Live, Skylands Superchargers, and Geometry Wars 3 will be available for the device when it launches.

Infinity Blade

Epic Makes Infinity Blade 3 Free, Releases $3M Worth of Assets

Infinity Blade 3, the conclusion to Epic Games' tech demo saga, is now free on the App Store. More importantly, they released $3M of art assets for completely free on the Unreal Engine marketplace. This probably doesn't matter much to you if you just want to play games, but if you're the kind of person who wants to make a terrible game using built-in assets to publish on Steam through a shady publisher, this should be welcome news for you.


Ubisoft Plans To Open a Theme Park in Malaysia

Since the beginning of time there have been two kinds of theme parks: Disney's and Universal's. But Ubisoft is looking to change all of that: they plan to open a theme park in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2020. The theme park will be entirely indoors and will be 10,000 square meters of rides, shows, and other attractions based on Ubisoft's games. Ubisoft won't be developing the park—thank god, I'd hate to see the bugs they'd produce—though Ubisoft Motion Pictures will have creative control. Also, there's such a thing as "Ubisoft Motion Pictures." What a crazy world we live in.

Garry's Mod 2

Garry's Mod Is Getting a Sequel

Long ago, Garry Newman created Garry's Mod, a clone of the ragdoll sex pose creation mod JBMod. It somehow became really, really successful and let Garry work on his true passion, developing a clone of DayZ. It appears Garry has grown tired of draining money from the pockets of pre-teens everywhere, as he's sort-of announced a sequel to Garry's Mod. I say "sort-of" as he says "we're kind of working on a sequel." He says he won't call it Garry's Mod 2 (that already exists), and they'll be "more VR stuff in it." It's time to take ragdoll sex poses to the next level.

Xbox Live

Xbox Live Indie Games is Closing

Did you know that you could still publish games to Xbox Live Indie Games? Well, that's a lie. Starting September 9th, you can't sign up for the service any more. And one year from now you won't be able to submit any more games to XBLIG. And one year from one year from now, XBLIG will be closed for good. I'm really surprised XBLIG has managed to stay alive for this long, considering the Xbox One has been Microsoft's focus for a few years now and the service has been slowly and surreptitiously pushed under the rug for years before that.

Football Manager

Three New Football Manager Games Are Coming This Year

Do you love football? Do you love association football, which we Americans call soccer for some stupid reason? Well, you'll be delighted to know that there are three (yes, three!) Football Manager games coming out from now until the end of the year. So if this is the kind of thing you're into, you'll want to pick up Football Manager 2016, Football Manager Touch, and Football Manager Mobile. Yes, Touch and Mobile.

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