Fire Update and Special Behind The Scenes Look

Fire Update and Special Behind The Scenes Look

Hey! 04 here again! Well, I said I would update you about the fire, and I have good news: I get to tell you about our publishing process!

In order to ensure that we have a log of all of Anime Night's activity (for tax purposes), all articles are first printed out on hard copies. Then, those hard copies are automatically scanned and stored in a specialized location.

If any of you have ever worked at a magazine, you may understand our process. You may also think our process is silly, considering that we're a website and not a magazine, but that's not what's important.

What is important is that the specialized hard copy storage room is now also on fire. All of it. The whole thing.

Fortunately, we have backups!

We're going to attempt to retrieve some upcoming articles from the specialized hard copy storage room backup storage room, so sit tight! We finally called the FDNY, so I don't see anything going wrong.

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