Fire Update: Problem Solved!

Fire Update: Problem Solved!

Hey guys! 04 again, hopefully for the last time in a while!

So! About the fire!

I'm sure you're all wondering what happened after yesterday!

Well, the entire planet was destroyed.

Now, you may be thinking, "wait a second, I'm on a planet. I'm not dead. What gives? Is the some kind of Foolish April Prank?"

No, it's not a prank, though dates sure lined up inconvieniently.

We just rolled back to an earlier restore point from when we last backed up Earth.

Bi-weekly backups, folks. If you bought anything in the last few days, you'll have to get it again, but the good news is you'll also have the money you spent again.

And we can't do this again, too. It's basically a miracle we had all 56,172 million floppies intact with the backup.

And needless to say, some of them melted. It's a fire, what do you want from us?

So, to recap: planet is fine, no more fire, articles coming back next week.

And I know, that's what you all really cared about.

04 signing off!

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