I Waited Eight Hours to Play Super Smash Bros 4 for Two Minutes

I Waited Eight Hours to Play Super Smash Bros 4 for Two Minutes

Today, I woke up at 8AM, took a shower, and drove over to Best Buy to line up and wait to play Super Smash Bros 4. As I waited in the blaring Los Angeles sun, I talked with other Smash fans and played lots of Mario Kart 7 on my 3DS. It was an amazing experience. Over 500 fans showed up to play one 2-minute round of SSB4, and some of them had shown up on Wednesday as well. They ranged from kids and their parents who were new to the Smash series to dedicated Project-M players and E3 attendees. The line was long, slow moving, and the heat was getting to everyone. We all sat strong and challenged the long wait. And let me tell you: it was worth it.

Once I had approached the front of the line, a nice spokesperson from Nintendo was there to discuss the game and hand out AR cards from Bravely Default. She complimented my Persona Q 3DS case, and I got to watch two kids play Smash Run, which seemed like a lot of fun. Our time came, and we were called into the Best Buy. That's when the hype really got strong.

The line inside of Best Buy was short, and we quickly got to playing. We used Wii U Pro Controllers, which have a pretty nice layout. A is your regular attack, B is your special, X/Y for jump, and L/R to block. The left stick is movement and your right stick is used for Smash Attacks, which makes a very welcome comeback from Melee. I liked the feel of the controller, and I'll definitely be using it for more hardcore gaming once I can get my hands on the game.

I chose to play as Little Mac, and oh boy did I make the right choice. Little Mac is speedy and powerful, but lacks strength in the air. His punches do crazy amounts of damage, and I had a lot of fun playing as him. We ended up in a 4-player Sudden Death match, where I narrowly lost to Greninja, who is slightly faster than Mac. The game runs at a silky smooth 60FPS, and everything looks outright amazing. The game is much faster than Brawl, and not too floaty. This short, two minute demo sold me on the entire game.

I headed outside and asked the nice representative if I could try Smash Run on the 3DS she had with her, since I didn't get to demo it inside. I played as Greninja, who is pretty fun. You collect upgrades by beating enemies and playing minigames, and duke it out in the end with 4 other opponents. I liked it a lot, and rushed back inside to pre-order the 3DS version. I would've pre-ordered the Wii U version as well, but all I had on me was a $5 bill.

Even though the wait was long, and the sun burnt my skin pretty nicely, Smash 4 had enough hype to get me there before mostly everyone else. It was an awesome experience, and was something only Nintendo could pull off. You can pre-order Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS right now. The game comes out on October 3rd for 3DS and sometime this Holiday season for Wii U.

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