Jon Goes To The Movies - Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest

Jon Goes To The Movies - Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest

Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest is a direct sequel to Chester Cheetah: Too Cool To Fool, and I never thought I would end up writing anything quite like that. As a sequel to a game I already covered, I feel that I should make my review of it a sequel to my review of the first game. As such, let's discuss what they learned from making the first game. Right off the bat, the game provides a major improvement by letting you run without collecting a powerup, something which easily raises this game to on par with any decent platformer. Also new is a Kirby-esque air hover and a high jump, both of which should boost your movement capabilities. Sadly, that's all the upgrades the game received.


I didn't mention it then, but Too Cool To Fool had a health bar for your life. You had around five hits before you lose a life, pretty standard stuff. Unfortunately this just wouldn't do, so in this game you get hit and you die. The only way to avoid that is to collect bags of Cheetos to give yourself an extra hit. I was wondering why they would make this really weird change, when I noticed the the levels were around two minutes long each. Why make more game when you can just make the game take longer to go through?

Another problem is that the game simply controls badly. Your base movement speed is too slow (and so is your running speed), controlling your mid-air trajectory is unreliable, and so is jumping itself. the new air-fly and high jumps don't mean anything if you can't aim where you want to jump. A few minor problems are that enemies respawn as soon as the screen leaves their spawn area, and the map's level select is pointless. It's set up as a map of the United States, and when you beat a level you get to pick either of the levels beside it to go to next. However, you can only go to either of the levels beside it. If they wanted you to go through the game in a linear fashion, they could've just done away with the map altogether, but who knows why they do these things. I have a feeling their answer was "just ship the game dude, it's not like anybody's gonna buy it."

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