Jon Goes to the Movies - Hit Others

Jon Goes to the Movies - Hit Others

Hit Others is a free five minute long video game tie-in for an album from a band that I could not remember the name of. That should give you a good idea of how well it does its marketing job.

You play as some unknown person in a bar, and have two goals which you can choose on the fly depending on how the game goes: either collect 3 keys and escape, or recover 3 pieces of a DJ setup and put on a show for the bar's attendees. Said attendees are particularly violent if left without music, so whatever you do, you'd best do before the song stops and the band stops playing.

All you can do is move, jump, punch, and drink. Drinking improves your stats, increasing your health, speed, and power, depending on what color beverage you consume (red, blue, green, in that order). Your stats are always slowly counting down, so you'd best keep drinking. It helps that there's no consequence whatsoever to drinking as much as possible, so go for it.

It's a short game, only around 5-10 minutes long depending on how many tries you go for, but it's free and worth a play or two. Chugging a toilet full of beer and throwing it at a dude never gets old in my book.

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