Jon Goes To The Movies - Jurassic Park (1994, Arcade)

Jon Goes To The Movies - Jurassic Park (1994, Arcade)

Jurassic Park has a lot of video games for a lot of systems. They took on a lot of different genres, but for the arcades they were always rail shooters, which doesn't really fit with the movies thematically, buit there's no denying the satisfaction of shooting a fucking dinosaur. Today, I'll be focusing on the game released in 1994 by SEGA.

From what I understand, you play as two unknown characters as you drive your way across the island, shooting all the dinosaurs you see with tranquillizer darts so you can take them off the island. This game is controlled with a joystick instead of the arcade gun standard, probably to save on machine costs. I played this on an emulator, so I'll never know how it really controls, but it played fine enough. If you have a flight stick, you're set.

Like a lot of arcade games, this game is not out for blood, but for cash. Except for certain sections, there's very little in the way of health items, so death is frequent. There are no weapon upgrades, and there's no reloading, so when all you're doing is holding down fire and aiming, you can imagine that it might lose its appeal after a while. Thankfully, the game is nice and short, because you're not expected to actually beat the game. You're meant to stuff enough quarters in that you lose interest just after putting a decent amount of money in.

Since there's no price barrier because you can't play it for real, there's not many reasons to not give it a try. It's a short fun dinosaur killing experience. If it helps, you can pretend you're Jeff Goldblum's character while you play.

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