Jon Goes to the Movies: Super Mario Bros (1993)

Jon Goes to the Movies: Super Mario Bros (1993)

Originally, this week was going to be about a Shrek The Third game, but I learned far too late (Sunday night of a Monday deadline) that there was just nothing to talk about there. So instead, we're flipping the concept of reviewing movie-licensed games and instead reviewing a game-licensed movie!

Released in 1993, Super Mario Bros. is one of the first big attempts at adapting a popular video game franchise into a movie, and to this day still stands as a good reason you probably shouldn't adapt old video games into movies. Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo star as the brothers themselves, as plumbers in Brooklyn (which is something I think was only really a thing in the cartoons and children's books that came out), who wind up in "a parallel dimension soon to be named Dinohattan," just sidestepping the Mushroom Kingdom situation altogether.

If you say so

There's not much reason to talk plot; chances are if you recognise the movie I'm talking about, then you have seen the movie I'm talking about, so let's talk opinion. It might have been because I went into this movie with no expectations, but I enjoyed watching this. It's not anything like the video games, but that helps it be its own weird original thing. It's not a good movie by any means, but I had a fun time watching it, even if it was only because I had no idea where any of it was going. We already know that this movie was such a failure that it killed any further movie adaptations of Nintendo properties, and that might have been a good decision if this was the quality they were willing to put out for dear old Mario.

Also, they play "Walk the Dinosaur" at one point, because of course they did.

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