Just a Quick Update

Just a Quick Update

Hey everyone, long time no see!

You may have noticed that we didn't post anything yesterday, and I'm sorry for that. I'm sure a lot of people were disappointed. Tens, even. Well, I'm just writing to tell you that we didn't forget! It's just that, unfortunately, we'll have to put all the articles aside this week.

The building's on fire, you see.

We'll update you as the fire goes on, but I'm hoping we can wrap this up and get back to posting before too long!

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Despite how much we'd like to be able to use our hopes and dreams as a medium of exchange, it's simply not possible. However, if you contribute to our Patreon, we're willing to back your money with something slightly more tangible: promises! In the future, we might be able to directly exchange promises for dreams. Who knows?