Let's Look At Some Mobile Games - June 2015 Edition

Let's Look At Some Mobile Games - June 2015 Edition

Who wants to read about some mobile games? You bet you do! Here we go!

Welcome to Space

Glorkian Warrior: The Trials Of Glork (iOS, Android, Steam)

Glorkian Warrior: The Trials of Glork is a 2D platformer/space shooter hybrid based on the comic books by the same name , and it's way simpler then you probably assumed from my opening description. It plays essentially like Galaga or Space Invaders, except instead of controlling a ship, you control an alien (the titular Glorkian Warrior) across the screen, jumping when needed, and picking up “energy crackers� from defeated enemies that gives you points.

One of the more immediately noticeable things is the art style. Hand-drawn by the same artist of the Glorkian Warrior books, James Kochalka, it fits the simple nature of the gameplay perfectly. It helps give the game a nice lighthearted tone, to the point where before and after every round, short and humorous “cutscenes� play. Controlling the game is simple; touching the right side of the screen moves you right, left side moves left, and the middle is good for jumping over the ground aliens that occasionally walk by. As far as gameplay goes, you have a backpack which acts as your gun and fires automatically, and while the regular laser is decent, there's a fair amount of weapon cans you can pick up from enemies that range from upgrades like the double laser and piercing laser to actually different weapons like fireballs, missiles, and even tennis balls. These have limited ammo, but you can refill it by picking up the colourful squares dropped by dead enemies. You can also collect Rapid Fire and Extra Damage which can stack on to whatever weapon you have. There's even a nice list of unlockables that gradually introduces new items and weapons into the mix to keep you playing. This is clearly a game meant to kill some time, and it does a good job of it.

Enter the FLESH CAVE

Jump‘N'Shoot Attack (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

Jump N' Shoot Attack is a 2D platformer where you run automatically and also jump and shoot a gun.

In seriousness, JNSA is one of the better games in the “auto runner� subgenre of platformers, and one of the best reasons is that it's not endless. It's level-based, which means that there can actually be designed levels to play through, rather than randomly arranged clumps of enemies and obstacles. Gameplay wise, you jump and shoot, collecting either powerups that upgrade your gun (for that level), Extra lives, Gems (3 on each level, collect all 3 for an extra life), or in some levels, a Jetpack. It's simple, and like a lot of good mobile games, it doesn't need to be any more complicated. It controls easy, thanks to the automatic run. Touching the left side of the screen makes you jump/fly as long as you hold it, and when you let go, you fall like a rock (which I guess is appropriate since you play as a robot). Hitting the right side of the screen will shoot your gun. You can fire as fast as you can tap, which is a good strategy for some tight spots.

The game has 4 worlds, with 4 levels in each, which adds up to a nice 16. The levels are fairly short, but the idea is that thanks to the 1 hit deaths, you will have to spend a good while on some of them. The game has a decent enough difficulty curve, I only really started to have trouble about halfway through, and while there might not be a ton of replay value, there's at least some good music to accompany you through the journey. Are you a rad enough robot to rescue the President?


Crazy Taxi (iOS, Android, Everything Else)

Well, this doesn't really need an introduction, does it?. It's Crazy Taxi! You all know what the deal is. You drive around, taking customers places, and sing along to The Offspring. What you want to know is if this mobile port is good or not, and the answer is yes. This may in fact be the best console to mobile port. The controls have been simplified down to Left/Right direction buttons, and Forward/Reverse buttons. You can still do the Crazy Start and Crazy Drift with these controls, and since you don't have to shift in and out of forward/reverse gears, it's way easier to maneuver yourself out of a tight spot if you get stuck.

It's got all the same modes you remember, both maps, and even the Crazy Box. The time-limited modes (3, 5, and 10 minutes,) work even better in a mobile setting, since if you know you'll only have a certain time, you can more easily play without risk of playing too long. Of course, you can still play by Arcade rules. It's also important to note that even on a older device, the game still ran great. It's also $5, so buy it already.

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