Seeing Red Part 5: The "Awesome" One

Seeing Red Part 5: The "Awesome" One

Alexander IRL

MrBrent98's Alexander IRL

In Adam Sandler's 2011 "comedy" film Jack and Jill, Sandler works for an ad agency and is tasked with creating a Dunkin' Donuts commercial starring Al Pacino. It's obvious, embarrassing product placement.

In Brent Rivera's 2017 "comedy" film Alexander IRL, Rivera's brother, played by Freddie from iCarly, works for an unknown company and is tasked with creating an app that utilizes GE's cloud so that their company can win GE's Innovation Challenge. It's obvious, embarrassing product placement.

According to Variety, the film was financed by General Electric, and "start-ups like BarkBox, JackThreads, and Warby Parker."

Alexander IRL stars Brent Rivera as the titular Alexander, a straight-A high-school student who aims to win a girl's heart by throwing a big party. His parents are out of town for the week, and his brother "EJ" is in charge. To be able to throw the party, he makes a deal with EJ—he develops the app, and EJ lets him throw the party.

The movie isn't funny. The dialog is stupid. The entire movie—every single shot—is overexposed. It's bad product placement masquerading as a movie.

Dance Camp

AwesomenessTV's Dance Camp

There's not much to say about Dance Camp. It's a teen dramedy in the style of pretty much every eighties film where a character has to beat someone in a competition to win a girl's heart. Dance Camp stars relative unknown Nadji Jeter as Hunter, a kid who's sent to dance camp by an incompetent judge in a more boring version of the setup to Holes.

If there's one good thing I can say about this, it's that—unlike most of these terrible YouTube Red productions—it doesn't star any YouTube celebrities; at least not to my knowledge.

Jingle Ballin

Liza Koshy's Jingle Ballin'

Jingle Ballin' is a single-episode YouTube Red series about YouTube. It stars Liza "Liza" Koshy as Liza Koshy, a YouTube star who throws a party. In Jingle Ballin', Liza Koshy is worried about being famous and making good videos and all the things YouTube stars care about. It's definitely something I can connect with and care about deeply on a human level. Humor can come from shared experiences, and there is no experience more shared than being a famous YouTube personality who just wants to throw a kickin' party.

This is perhaps the highest rated YouTube Red series, but I can't say I'd agree with that.

We Love You

AwesomenessTV's We Love You

I don't know what the deal is with this movie. YouTube still lists it on their YouTube Red Originals page, and yet the movie is not available. If you click on it, it tells you the video is unavailable. But we here at Anime Night are nothing if not dedicated, so we put in the extra effort and torrented this one just to review it.

Like AwesomenessTV's other YouTube Red production in this article, We Love You isn't good. In fact, just like Dance Camp, it's got a four star rating on IMDb. Another similarity it has with Dance Camp is that the movie is boring. That makes it difficult to review, since there's not much to actually say about it—it's not bad enough to be funny.

The acting is terrible. The direction leaves a lot to be desired. The writing? Well, despite Alan Yang having quite a few previous credits on Parks and Recreation and Master of None, it leaves a lot to be desired.

AwesomenessTV seems to have struck a good deal with YouTube. At the moment, they've got three originals with YouTube Red, more than anyone else—at least until BuzzFeed creates something new.

That's zero for zero this time around. That's 15%—not looking good.

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