Stardust Creators - Ev'ry Day Is Like Survival

Stardust Creators - Ev'ry Day Is Like Survival

Any fan of Jojo's Bizzare Adventure will tell you that one of the best aspects of the series is the large variety of powers heroes and villains have in the series, as well as how they manage to use those powers effectively. In this new feature, Stardust Creators, I will be coming up with new Stands. For those unfamiliar with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Stands are a physical manifestation of someone's fighting energy and give the user some sort of special ability. Because the author of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is crazy most stands are named after western bands, songs, albums, and musicians, sometimes the user is also named after the same subjects. In order to generate these Stands I will be using two things: a random page from the Superpower wiki and a random rock song title. Now, if you're familiar with the Superpower wiki you'll know how much of a clusterfuck it is, so here's a list of powers I didn't take for various reasons:

• Technomagic

• Healing Empowerement

• Celedon Physiology

• Muse Physiology

• Obsolesence

After getting those duds, I stumbled upon a page titled "Object Creation Touch," which the wiki defines as “the ability to create or convert others into objects via touch or in skin-to-skin contact.� I decided that this had the most potential.

After ejecting the Superpower wiki from my browser, I googled a list of top 10 rock songs between the years of 1980 and 1989. After using a complex series of mathematical equations (a random number generator), the title of the song I was given was Karma Chameleon by the Culture Club. With the name and power chosen, I got to work coming up with a fight scenario involving the Stand. Inspiration hit me instantly once I pondered if I could relate the name and the power. While the wiki stated the power was to change other people into objects with touch, there was nothing forbidding someone from using it on themselves.

First of all, the Stand would resemble a chameleon with long gangly arms and covered in mechanical parts. The Stand user would be named Boy George and would have one of those weirdly proportioned character designs that sometimes pops up in the series even though it clashes horribly with other characters.

Finally, I believe a theoretical fight using this Stand would go like this: first, the heroes would be ambushed by the Stand user, causing either the best friend character or the comic relief character to fall victim to its powers. The remaining heroes would quickly realize what happened, and the fight would begin. One or two more characters would fall before the protagonist would realize that the Stand user was using the power on himself as a disguise. The fight would then turn into the most intense match of prop hunt in history.THE OTHER]**

Now this fight would probably be earlier in the story and be comedic in tone, and would end very comedically. Most likely the thing that would give away the Stand user's position would be some sort of horribly obscure detail no actual person could notice. The Stand user ends up getting murdered in a flurry of punches by the protagonist after saying a lame joke like, "you could run but you couldn't hide".

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