Stardust Creators Special: American Stands

Stardust Creators Special: American Stands

In terms of decades, the nineties aren't very fondly remembered. It wasn't a bad decade, but it wasn't as memorable as lot of others. However, there are a few things that I will always love about that decade—specifically, nineties comics. The nineties were a weird time for comics; Watchmen had come out the decade before, and then every comic tried to be Watchmen and failed miserably. In 1997, a comic called Diesel snuck out to the general public and was immediately forgotten about. However, on Tuesday, February 23rd, a user on 4chan made a thread on /co/ reminding people of the existence of this comic. Now, you might be wondering why an unknown nineties comic was interesting to 4chan. Well, the comic was a gigantic rip off of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

Going by the first page, you wouldn't be at fault for thinking it was more inspired by Jojo than actually ripping it off. There's a punch-ghost that looks like Star Platinum and the Hulk had sex, and what little we see of the villain has him look like Dio, but it could just be that. However, once you get to page five, any benefit of the doubt goes out the window when the words "stand user" are uttered. From that point on it just goes downhill. There's a dog companion who fights with them, a black person with a stand who controls fire, and the fight that happens is with a super obvious N'Doul expy that ends exactly like the fight with N'Doul did in the manga.


I'd be more mad about this comic existing, but I found it way too hilarious to be mad. There are so many things I love about it. The pacing is absolutely terrible; within one issue, so much happens but nothing is explained or expanded upon, so the reader is left with no idea of what's happening. The art is absolutely terrible; everyone has the same grizzled buff dude face, proportions are awful, expressions look lifeless, facial structures change between panels, and for some reason one page has a bunch of anime/manga facial expressions. But what I love about Diesel the most is the 90's-ness of it. Everyone has the previously mentioned grizzled buff faces, and the N'Doul expy doesn't control water, but instead controls his own blood in a lame attempt to make it gritty.

Part of me wishes there had been more than one issue, just to see what other hilarity Diesel could have given us.

If you want to read it for yourself, here's a link to the archived thread.

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