Stardust Creators Week of February 7th - I Went Out for a Ride and I Never Went Back

Stardust Creators Week of February 7th - I Went Out for a Ride and I Never Went Back

S,o I've only written a few of these, but I need you the reader to help me with something. Trust me. When Eyes of Heaven releases this Summer I want you to start a petition to get all my character ideas in as DLC. I want to go beyond just writing these articles; I want to leave my mark on JoJo history itself. Now, on to this week's brilliant Stand idea.

This week, the super powers wiki started out by giving me several garbage results involving powers along the line of being able to control all of time and space itself. Eventually, I was given "Distance Manipulation" which could be very overpowered, but I think I could make it work with a few restrictions put in place. For the stand name I was given the 1980 song "Hungry Heart" by Bruce Springsteen. I've decided after last week that if I didn't already know of the song, I'd listen to it before writing the article. I don't think this will affect the quality of my writing much, but it will definitely give me better taste in music.

So, distance manipulation is simply controlling the distance between the person with the power and anything else. With this power you could just make your opponent a million miles away from you and you wouldn't have to deal with them. To make this power more balanced, I'm putting several restrictions on it:

  1. The user can only manipulate the distance of one person at a time.
  2. If the user decide to manipulate the distance of someone else the first person or object is returned to their original position.

I want this to be another humorous fight. The user would send someone away, hoping that wherever they sent them would kill them and only letting them come back if he couldn't avoid getting hurt by other people in the fight. This fight could also lend to a lot of great visual gags where people get teleported to various famous locales and shenanigans could ensue. I'm a comedic genius; I don't know how I haven't made millions of dollars at this point with my talent.

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