Stardust Creators Week of January 17th - In A Bang With The Gang

Stardust Creators Week of January 17th - In A Bang With The Gang

Last week, Culture Club showed us that disguising yourself as a glass of water might not be the best idea when trying to remain hidden. Will we get similar life advice for stand battles from this week's Stardust Creators? Let's find out.

This week, everyone's favorite terrible wiki gave us "Heart Construct," which is defined as "the power to detach and transfer one's heart into an artificial construct." What the wiki doesn't note is that this power also causes the user to be the most anime thing ever. For our stand's name, Rock and Roll Jesus blessed us with AC/DC's hit song, "Back in Black." Unfortunately, despite spending hours brainstorming, I could not find a way to link the power and the name, so this week we'll have one of those stands with super inappropriate names like "California King Bed" or "Limp Bizkit."

So, the stand would either originally appear as some sort of wimpy creature or a simple box, but then the stand user would rip his own heart out of his chest and put it into the stand. The stand would then mutate/transform into a hulking beast and the fight would begin. The stand's second form would look like a giant steampunk-esque robot with a heart shaped chest. The stand user would look like one of the long haired pretty boy characters that have been fought throughout the series.

Am I funny yet?

The fight would seem hopeless due to the sheer power of the stand, however there would be one fatal weakness that would allow our heroes to win the fight. The weakness of the stand is that the user can't let his heart rate get too high, because his body wouldn't be able to handle it. The best part of this is that it could lead to a part where someone would have an internal monologue about the inner workings of the body and heart and how he could get the enemy stand user's heart rate going. Now, this actively makes no sense, but not a lot of things in Jojo do, so I think it's fine.

Actually thinking about it, if I hadn't randomly chosen the stand name I could have named it after the Green Day album "American Idiot." Oh well.

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