The Anime Night Audio Guide to Life

The Anime Night Audio Guide to Life

Weekend Nightmare, Jon Goes to the Movies, Stardust Creators. All of these roughly recurring features are such fun times for us here. But, having just passed our second anniversary as a website, we have to wonder: is there something more? Could there be something else for Anime Night besides text?

As it turns out, executives Conro & Jerry have figured out how to create a "podcast." Well, really, it's a several thousand tape series of self help guides, but we're uploading one of them digitally each week. We call it "Anime Night's Audio Guide to Life," and it's designed to help people to quickly catch up with things they might not be aware about as they adjust to life here in our fair ecosystem. As a musician, I can appreciate the use of audio as a medium to both entertain AND educate. They'll be taking on a new topic each week, so if there's something you'd like to know more about, let us know! We'll dredge up the answers and then ramble on for an hour about it.

Did I mention our second anniversary yet? Happy birthday to us! Another sober year down, hopefully plenty to go!

If, for any reason, you want to listen to this podcast, you can find it here.

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