The VR Newsflash Week 3: Good News, Every—Wait, Wrong Show.

The VR Newsflash Week 3: Good News, Every—Wait, Wrong Show.

Well, let's jump straight in to week 3 of The VR Newsflash!

Starting off this week, and continuing from last week's graphics cards news, rumors have surfaced suggesting that both AMD's Polaris and nVidia's Pascal will not be releasing until H2 of this year, specifically, both manufacturers seem to be targeting the 'just before back to school season' which they claim is late July through August. Documents have also emerged saying that nVidia will officially announce Pascal's launch and lineup sometime in either May or June. AMD will likely have theirs at the same time, so either way, we should know something soon enough, as GPU launches are never exactly the most subtle of things.

HTC has finally come out into the light about their proprietary 'Viveport' software that they launched a few weeks ago. They claim that the software's purpose is to provide a storefront to their market in mainland China, where Valve's Steam software is banned. They've also said that the software is optional, meaning that Viveport won't be needed to run any other software the user wants to run on their Vive. Also on HTC's side—it's not really news—but check out these cool pictures of the Vive's progress that HTC's Shen Ye posted on Twitter.

Vive's new Pre DK2 vs. the Vive DK1.

In other software news, Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland has come out and said that he has "three or four" ideas for VR games and experiences ready to go. He has enlisted the help of Hover Junkers dev studio StressLevelZero, and the experiences are slated to be co-written by one of the writers of The Stanley Parable. Now, I don't watch Rick and Morty, but any time I see the words "The", "Stanley", and "Parable" in that order, I get excited, so I know we're in for some good times.

On Oculus's side of things: apparently, a few DK2 owners and CV1 pre-orderers have received emails about an in-home survey that Oculus will be conducting in the coming weeks. Presumably, it involves something regarding the installation process, and the ease of that, but who knows? In addition to the survey, David Braben, CEO of Frontier, Elite: Dangerous developer, has announced that rumors saying they were in an agreement with HTC to launch VR support exclusively on the Vive has been debunked, with him saying to "[i]gnore the clickbait."

Finally, a third (or fourth?) party seems to be entering the fray. One of the founders, and current boss, of Vine has left Twitter to join Google's new division dedicated solely to VR. To back that up, new job postings from that division seem to indicate that Google is attempting to bring another mass-market VR product to bear—presumably something more advanced than Cardboard, and perhaps a competitor to Samsung and Oculus's GearVR? They did say that YouTube would receive no support for GearVR, so maybe they have something up their sleeve...

Anyway, that's it for this week, thanks for reading! If I missed any of your favorite rumors, announcements, or snide comments by company executives, be sure to let me know in the comments below. See you next week!

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