Things That Were Good: May Edition

Things That Were Good: May Edition

We made it through another month, and hell, we've made it halfway through this one. By this point I'm sure you've all forgotten about the things we're talking about here, or just gotten sick of hearing about them. Either way, we're reminding you. Still, it's not like these things are gone; they're just out of the spotlight at this point. These could've been full reviews, and they could've been good ones. But hell, that takes too much time that could be spent doing other things. Like watching more movies.


David: Splatoon

There's been a lot of eyes on Splatoon since it was announced at E3 2014. There were many who were excited to see Nintendo's take on a third person shooter while others thought that the game would be a flop because of Nintendo's inexperience in the genre. Well lucky for us the latter wasn't right, Splatoon is an absolutely amazing game. The gameplay is Splatoon is incredibly fun, you'll keep telling yourself one more match until it's 3 AM. Also for a multiplayer game the singleplayer is actually very good with its great level design and boss fights. Splatoon is a game any Wii U owner will want and might even be worth picking up a Wii U if you don't already own one.


Bran: Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2 was one of those things that tossed my usual preconceptions of movie sequels out the window, being a very well-executed film that did its best to keep from relying on the notoriety of the original musical comedy. The inclusion of people like Flula Borg, Reggie Watts, and Snoop Dogg had me assuming this would be full of embarrassing pandering to the young internet crowd, but instead their talents were used tastefully, serving only to make the musical numbers in this better than those of the first film if I dare say so. Really, that kind of pandering flanderization came from the main cast from the previous film, seeing as they couldn't resist the chance to milk the creepy quiet Asian girl, Lily, for some dumb jokes; Thankfully, they were sparse enough to allow me to ignore them and enjoy the grand majority of the movie. This is definitely my favorite release of the month (note: I haven't seen the new Mad Max yet).

Mad Max

Conro: Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road is a movie about a woman named Furiosa and a road, named Road. It also features Mad Max. I saw this instead of watching a movie about singing like some loser. Angry Maxwell: Pissed Path is about an evil dictator in a post-apocalyptic landscape who withholds water and has a lot of wives. Eventually Furiosa takes the wives and makes a break for a legendary "green place," and it's up to Max to help her. Yeeeeah, you're not gonna come to this for the gripping plotline. What you ARE gonna come for is cool cars! And holy hell, is there a lot of them. You have Furiosa's tricked out 16 wheeler, an armored VW Beetle, a giant car with a dude playing guitar on it. Also the guitar shoots fire. The movie prides itself that the effects are all practical, and I really wish I was there to see a bunch of cool armored buggies explode. Mad Max: Fury Road isn't a very compelling movie, but it's a good old mindless action movie. One of the best we've had in years.

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