Welcome to Anime Night

Hello and welcome to Anime-Night.com. This new netzone is the latest step in the Anime Night brand, which is letting people know there's actually an Anime Night brand. We've been working on the site for a pretty long time now, and we're pretty excited to open it up to the world. We're composed of eight complete novices to the world of reporting and reviewing. Our goal is to write reviews which express our opinion in a clear manner, while bringing unique voices to the Anime, Manga, and Video Games community. We don't want to be the authority on anything, we just want to get our voices out there.

We're starting the site off with a couple reviews and this article. We've had (most) of our talented staff write reviews to give you a taste of their taste. We hope you enjoy it, and there will be more to come in the following forever.

If you want to stay in touch, you can subscribe to our RSS feed, follow us on twitter, or harass our personal twitters. If you want to know exactly who the hell we are, why not go check out the staff page? Not everyone on there really does anything for the site, likes us, or wants to associate with us, but what the hell.

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Despite how much we'd like to be able to use our hopes and dreams as a medium of exchange, it's simply not possible. However, if you contribute to our Patreon, we're willing to back your money with something slightly more tangible: promises! In the future, we might be able to directly exchange promises for dreams. Who knows?