Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Give My OC Your Energy for the Spirit Bomb!

by Fuuka
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Dragon Ball is one of the most famous anime franchises ever made, right up there with Seinfeld and Ghost Stories. Lots of games have been made based on the series that highlight the fast paced and exciting battles (condensed to a time period of an actual fight rather than five episodes) but none of them really capitalized on one of the big things people love about Dragon Ball.

Making their own original character.

Well, wait no longer. Now you too can make a character to do the Spirit Bomb alongside Goku, the Destructo-Disc alongside Krillin, or die alongside Krillin. While the character customization may be a bit lacking, the sole reason that you can do this makes this game so much more amazing in a lot of people's eyes, and I have to agree with them. This was the main reason I bought the game, and to see my character fight alongside all my favorite characters (Read: Videl and Majin Buu). Alongside skills, there are lots of outfits you can choose from, ranging from a few original ones that let you change the colors of the outfits to outfits from all across the Dragon Ball universe. And I mean all across the Dragon Ball universe. There's stuff from the original series all the way up to GT and there's even stuff coming out soon that's based off the new movie coming out. If you want, you could be a black Majin who dresses up in Yamcha's original outfit, wears the Great Saiyaman helmet, and does a Big Bang Kamahameha x100 as his finishing move.

Too many outfits to choose from.

Seriously, look at this shit.

This is truly a game made for the fans. Which brings about one of the main problems in the game. The game is made for the fans but doesn't do much to help out people who aren't big into Dragon Ball. For example, the story is this: Your OC (do not steal) is summoned by Trunks to help out the Time Patrol. Your job is to fix the changes in history caused by two more OCs (that you can not steal without buying the DLC), such as Raditz dodging Gohan's charge and Piccolo's second Special Beam Cannon. If you aren't that into Dragon Ball, you're probably wondering what I just described. It's the first part of the Saiyan Saga. The game doesn't really describe what happens between all the different sagas you go to, which is a bit of a problem for those who care about story (Which, if you do, just read Dragon Ball, it's got enough story as it is).


This game feels like an MMO, an RPG, and a fighter all mixed up into one.

You can level up your character and put skill points into certain attributes; you can have a really tanky human or a balanced Namekian. However, that's not the controversial part. The large portion of what you'll do in the game other than stories or online battles is something called Parallel Quests. These are basically just quests where you go fight guys. That's it. Unlike an MMO, these are quite fun and you won't mind replaying them. Which is something you'll have to do, as all Parallel Quests give you random items. What's that? You want Chi-Chi's outfit? You have to grind on a certain Parallel Quest until you get the whole outfit (Since you get a random chance to get one part of the outfit each time you do it). Some stuff you can get from Parallel Quests you can instead buy in the in-game shot with in-game money, but the majority of the stuff that you want you better keep doing the same mission over and over and pray you get it eventually.

But this is the first game I've ever played where I'm happy to grind for items.

The gameplay itself is a lot of fun. It's pretty dumbed-down compared to the intricate system of, say, Budokai Tenkaichi 3, but it's still tons of fun and quite easy to pick up. Again, the fact that you're playing as your own character using tons of different skills really does make it even more fun. Just watching myself preform the Super Spirit Bomb (which is DLC) is so much fun in itself. I imagine doing the same stuff over and over will get tiring soon, but I've gotten my money's worth already so I won't complain too much when that happens. The multiplayer is also fantastic, as you can go online and play as either your OC or another character. Just know that most of what people do are go Super Saiyan and spam the same attacks over and over again with little variation. If that happens, there are a few skills that combat that very well (Change the Future and Victory Rush have always been pretty solid for me). But who cares about spammers since you can play online with your friends and set up a beautiful 3 on 3 match where everyone is Hercule. Nothing can beat that.

  • Act out your dream battles.
  • My OC's teacher is Goku even though he's stronger than Goku when he's Super Saiyan 4.
  • Omega Shenron takes a beating for even existing.
  • You can even have your OC in different skills in outfits as presets!
  • All these skills are great, even though you'll only use Rolling Hercule Punch.

(This game has a case of almost-on-release DLC stuff, but most of what you can get is based off GT so honestly you aren't missing too much. The game's content is still easily worth sixty bucks.)


Article Summary

The Good

  • Fantastic graphics
  • Simple gameplay
  • Lots of items to customize your character with
  • Covers each arc of Dragon Ball

The Bad

  • Alienates non fans of Dragon Ball
  • Can become rather grindy for certain items

Watching myself do the Super Spirit Bomb has never looked better

The game has a lot of problems, but as a fan of Dragon Ball I can safely say this is one of the best games you could buy right now.

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