Persona Q Review

by GastricTank
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    Daisuke Kanada
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    Shouji Meguro

Oh hey, looks like I'm finally writing a review, given that I finally played a game that I felt I could actually do a review for. Persona Q. Y'know, that game where they group the casts from Persona 3 and 4 together like some sort of fanfiction writer's wet dream.

So I'll be foward, this game is pretty dern slick. While the game is similar to that of Persona in many ways, the gameplay is more reminiscent of some OTHER anime trash that I've never even heard of.

The mishmash is good though. You get to see all of your favorites (and Yukari) chuckleyuckin' it up with all these new friendly faces. And to be fair, shit gets pretty funny when characters starting bro'in it up with each other. So basically, if you haven't played either Persona 3 or Persona 4 or know nothing of the characters or lore, you'll be seriously lost in terms of what the heck these crazy kids are even yapping' about. In which case, you better shove this game in your desk drawer for another time or go to Gamestop and demand a refund, because you won't get that same, satisfying experience that I did.


It's a...
"Fungeon" Crawl

Ok, but the gameplay? Yeah yeah, it's Persona, but with that Etrian Odyssey spin on it. The dungeon crawl is enjoyable, looking past the entire game being Atlus's answer to caves in Pokemon. Expect Geodudes in the second Labyrinth. Cutscenes, banter between the cast members, sidequests, and puzzles are thrown at you so the crawl itself isn't too lifeless. Don't worry though, Naoto is always there to help out when you fuck up a puzzle too much. Best girl. There are events that will either help or hinder you based on your choices, or net you nifty rewards and/or some funny dialogue as well. It certainly keeps the trek interesting.

Battles though. Let me tell you about the battles. They're grand in every sense of the word. The music is so dandy you might mistake this Shadow attack for a friendly dancing competition (don't worry though, they're making a game that'll situate that crave, you know the one) and skip yourself into an untimely death. The mechanics are a nice change of pace too from your standard Persona. It adds a lot more room for variety and strategy for your new, 5 man team. Speaking of which, trying to level all of these socially awkward dingle-dorks would be a waste of your time. Pick a sorry-looking lot and stick with em'. Be smart and plan ahead, lest you want this otherwise enjoyable game to drag on into a grind-fest. Personally, I would've liked to see this game be more generous with experience points as to give all of your party a shot at glory, but without sacrificing the challenge. Still having a hard time like a wimpy poobaby though? Don't worry! The game sports an adjustable difficulty setting, which is pretty thoughtful.

And in tradition with being the best girl, Naoto is THE crucial party member, but this time you can get her from the get-go. Almost everything is weak to Hama and/or Mudo, so you'd best take advantage of that. In that sense, battles start becoming really monotonous after a while once you get your strats down. That, and endlessly returning to and leaving the labyrinth to dump your shallow pockets of enemy spoils on your favorite Velvet sibling/punching bag, Theo.

Ok, so this review turned out to be a beginner's lesson as well. Big whoop, you'll need it going in. I done restarted the game twice after realizing I was tripping over my damn feet so much. So with all that said, what's my final verdict of Purse Owner Q?


Article Summary

The Good

  • Characters are a fun batch
  • Enjoyable, strategic mechanics
  • Music is hecka tight
  • Adjustable difficulty setting
  • Naoto

The Bad

  • Unavoidable battles become tiresome when not wanted
  • Not enough experience points to go around
  • Limited hammerspace is troublesome

i still don't know what the Q stands for

But yes yes. S'a good game. A solid HEE HO out of 5, would play again maybe sometime I guess.

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