Sunset Overdrive Review: The Apocalypse Runs On Sunny-D

by David Parizot
  • Developer

    Insomniac Studios
  • Platforms

    Xbox One
  • Publisher

    Microsoft Studios
  • Music

    Boris Salchow

Ever since games such as Calls Of The Duty: 4 and Gear Of The War came out we've seen no end to the release of gritty war shooters. Insomniac Studios was a victim of this trend when they changed their interesting and colorful looking game Overstrike to the bland and mediocre Fuse. Now Insomniac has teamed up with Microsoft Studios to go back to their colorful Ratchet and Clank roots with the Xbox One open world shooter Sunset Overdrive. Now excuse me I have to get into the mood.


BRAH I found the most RADICAL game, it's called Sunset Overdrive. Sunset Overdrive is a game in which a BOGUS energy drink called Overcharge has turned the population of Sunset City into crazy mutants. It's up to your RADICAL created character to escape the city while helping a cast of AWESOME BROS such as laid back scientist, A private school computer geek, and even a survivalist with his own TV show survive the awesomepocalypse.

sunset screenshot small 2

Yuri Lowenthal's excellent adventure

The first thing any bro will notices about this game is the art style. Sunset Overdrive has Insomniac's signature Ratchet and Clank style of visual, but it's applied to humans in a modern day setting. The colorful visuals and exaggerated character proportions really add to the game's identity and radicalness. The awesome visual design also extends to the games weapons and clothing mixing a post apocalyptic look with bright colors and a bodacious 90's flair.

While the visuals are TUBULAR it's not as if the gameplay is BOGUS. The gameplay of Sunset Overdrive revolves around the ability to radically grind and bounce off of almost everything in the environment. Using these skills the player is encouraged to shoot mutants while jumping and grinding in order to increase a score multiplier, once the multiplier reaches a specific level passive perks that you equip will activate that'll give you awesome benefits ranging from leaving a healing stream wherever you go to causing nuclear explosions upon kills. The mobility in this game is what made me love the game, I spent a lot of time jumping, swinging and grinding across Sunset City.

While the game is fun alone you can play the game with your BROS as well. The game features a coop multiplayer called Chaos Squad. In Chaos Squad you're paired with other players and vote on missions to complete. Missions have different bonuses that are earned when they are completed, those bonuses are used for the last mission where you fight waves of bogus enemies. While Chaos Squad is RAD it has two major problems to it that make it a BUMMER to play.

sunset screenshot small 1

The first problem is that once you played the missions once playing them again can get very tiring. The second is that you unlock rewards be reaching certain point milestones and some of those rewards are weapons that you can bring back into the singleplayer, but if you don't play Chaos Squad there's no way to unlock them. Getting the points to earn these weapons is actually quite difficult, meaning that if you want to unlock all the weapons in the game you'll have to do some grinding, and with the slightly repetitive missions Chaos Squad can quickly turn into a real downer.

Another thing in this game that's a BUMMER in the game is the writing. The dialogue and jokes in the game are mostly comprised of pop culture references, if you're like me and you can stand the occasional mention of an old 80's movie or Neogaf then you'll be fine. However while there aren't many there are a few memes in the dialogue and every time those appeared I felt really BUMMED out.

*cough* *wheeze* *hack* All right I think that's all the 90's slang I can handle.

While there are a few negatives I feel that Sunset Overdrive is a great game, if you liked the movement in games like Crackdown and Saints Row 4 this game will be for you. If you aren't really into those movement options or really dislike referential humor then you might not get the same experience out of this game.


Article Summary

The Good

  • Great visuals
  • Large variety of weapons and enemies
  • Fun traversal mechanics

The Bad

  • Hit or miss reference humour
  • Repetitive and grindy multiplayer

Why do I feel like buying a furby?

Sunset Overdrive is a fun romp through the faux 90's but the quality of writing might be a turn off

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